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Tauranga City Plan

12B.6  Non–Complying Activity Rules

Updated 11 September 2018

The following is a Non-Complying Activity:

  1. Subdivision for residential allotments (other than boundary adjustments or relocation of existing title) that will not be connected to a Council-owned reticulated wastewater system;
  2. Subdivision that does not comply with Rule 12B.3.1.13 – Specific Urban Growth Area Requirements – Stormwater Management within the Wairakei Urban Growth Area;
  3. Subdivision of a secondary independent dwelling unit;
  4. Subdivision where the minimum average nett yield is less than 12 dwellings per hectare or where the shortfall to the minimum average nett yield in Rule 12B.3.1.2 – Development Intensity and Scale in Urban Growth Areas is exceeded by more than 0.5 dwellings per hectare;
  5. In respect of Rule 12B.6 d) – Non-Complying Activity Rules above an assessment of how the total yield expected in the Structure Plan for the urban growth area is likely to be achieved having regard to the proposed development and future development within the urban growth area shall be provided with the application.
  6. An application for subdivision which does not comply with the restricted discretionary standards and terms in Rule 12B.4.2.1 - Yield Shortfalls in Urban Growth Areas which requires an assessment to be provided with an application for resource consent.

Definitions in this section



nett yield

secondary independent dwelling unit


urban growth area


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