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Tauranga City Plan

17A.2 Purpose of the Commercial Zone

Updated 11 September 2018

The purpose of the Commercial Zone is to provide for the development of a broad spectrum of uses in consolidated locations. The Commercial Zone provides a variety of environments for commercial development recognising the need to provide flexibility within the zone for the marketplace.

The distribution of the Commercial Zone and the extent of each zoned area specifically provides for a strong network of town, neighbourhood and local centres. In addition, the zone also provides opportunities for larger, dedicated sub-regional shopping centres.

To help create vibrant, mixed use commercial centres residential development is provided for in association with commercial development, with particular guidance to ensure that a combined residential and commercial area does not impact on the commercial viability of the zone.

Within the Commercial Zone the particular characteristics of the surrounding environment are addressed, where necessary, through site-specific methods. Methods are also put forward to provide for access by a variety of modes of transport to the services that commercial centres offer

Definitions in this section

commercial centres


mixed use


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