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  5. 4-General Rules
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  13. 12-Subdivision Services & Infrastructure
    1. 12A-Purpose: Subdivision
    2. 12B-Subdivision in Residential Zones
    3. 12C-Subdivision in the Rural Residential Zone
    4. 12D-Subdivision in the Rural Zones
    5. 12E-Subdivision in Commercial & Industrial Zones
    6. 12F-Subdivision: Marae, Papakainga & Matapihi
    7. 12G-Purpose: Service & Infrastructure
  14. 13-Open Space
  15. 14-Residential Zones
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  17. 16-Rural Zones
  18. 17-Commercial Zones
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  20. 19-Education Centre Zones
  21. 20-Special Use Zone-Baypark
  22. Part B Maps
Tauranga City Plan

4C.1  Objectives and Policies for Earthworks

Updated 6 September 2014

4C.1.1 Objective – Earthworks

Earthworks are provided for and managed to ensure they do not adversely affect the environment, Plan Areas or cultural and heritage values.

4C.1.1.1 Policy – Stability

By ensuring that areas of cut and fill associated with site earthworks are managed to minimise the risk of instability and damage to other properties both during and after construction.

4C.1.1.2 Policy – Sediment Run-Off

By ensuring earthworks are managed to minimise sediment run-off from a site, particularly into the Council’s stormwater system, through the adoption of suitable sediment and erosion controls.

4C.1.1.3 Policy – Flood-Prone Areas

By ensuring the potential adverse flooding effects to property are minimised where earthworks occur on land containing watercourses, overland flow paths, ponding areas and/or land subject to inundation by harbour and coastal waters.

4C.1.1.4 Policy – Contaminated Soils

By managing the potential adverse effects to human health and the environment when earthworks are undertaken that involve contaminated soils.

4C.1.1.5 Policy – Earthworks Within the Coastal Hazard Erosion Plan Area (CHEPA)

By ensuring that earthworks within the Coastal Hazard Erosion Plan Area do not compromise the natural buffering ability of the dune system.

4C.1.1.6 Policy – Earthworks Within and Adjoining Special Ecological Areas, Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes, and Important Natural Landscapes

By ensuring the adverse effects of earthworks on the recognised factors, values and associations of Special Ecological Areas and areas of outstanding natural features and landscapes and important amenity landscapes are avoided.

4C.1.2 Objective – Landfill

Landfill is managed to ensure it does not adversely affect the environment and other Plan Areas that are sensitive to change.

4C.1.2.1 Policy – Landfill

By managing landfill activities to ensure the dumping of material does not generate adverse effects on the overall character and amenity of the underlying zone and any adjoining zone; having particular regard to infrastructure, stability, contamination, natural hazards, ecological values, landscape values and cultural and heritage values. 

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