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Tauranga City Plan

10A  Purpose of the Network Utilities Provisions

Updated 8 March 2017

The purpose of the network utilities provisions is to outline the objectives, policies and rules which govern the installation and operation of network utilities throughout the City.

In managing the effects of network utilities, recognition is given to the essential role that these networks play and the services they provide in the existing and future functioning of the City and the sub-region. It is also recognised that the nature of some network utilities and associated works need to be managed to ensure they do not adversely affect amenity, landscape character, streetscape, heritage values, or public health and safety.

It is also recognised that the nature of some network utilities and associated works need to be managed to avoid, remedy or mitigate any local environmental effects. The network utilities provisions provide a resource management framework for balancing the positive effects and benefits of such activities with local environmental effects.

In doing so, it is also recognised that the City shares a significant boundary with the Western Bay of Plenty District Council and it is important to acknowledge the importance of the infrastructural and network utility linkages crossing the boundary between the City and the District and to ensure the appropriate integration, coordination and safeguarding of such assets. 

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the city

landscape character

network utility




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