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    1. 12A-Purpose: Subdivision
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    7. 12G-Purpose: Service & Infrastructure
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Tauranga City Plan

10A.9  Controlled Activity Rules

Updated 11 September 2018

The following are Controlled Activities:

  1. Any activity listed as a Controlled Activity in Table 10A.1: Activity Status for Network Utilities;
  2. Rule 10A.6.1 – Minor Upgrading of Above-Ground Electric Lines and Support Structures, where the activity proposes to increase the tower base footprint by more than 15%, but less than 20% and/or relocate the existing tower base footprint in accordance with the tower relocation envelope for Controlled Activities in accordance with Appendix 10A: Tower Relocation Envelope for Controlled Activities.

10A.9.1 Controlled Activities – Standards and Terms

Note: Any activity that does not comply with a Controlled Activity Standard and Terms shall be considered a Restricted Discretionary Activity, except where an activity does not comply with Rule 10A.9.2 b) Controlled Activity Rules for Minor Upgrading of Above-Ground Transmission or Electric Lines and Support Structure which shall be considered a Discretionary Activity.

Controlled Activities shall comply with the following standards and terms:

  1. Any activity described as a Controlled Activity in Rule 10A.9 – Controlled Activity Rules shall meet the Permitted Activity Rules outlined in Rule 10A.5 – Permitted Activity Rules

10A.9.2 Controlled Activities – Matters of Control and Conditions 

  1. For new underground pipelines conveying water, stormwater, wastewater & associated pump stations:
    1. The nature and locality in which the building or structure is located. This includes consideration of the impact on landscape character;
    2. Whether the proposed siting, landscape design and screening will internalise or mitigate the effects of the building or structure of the site as far as practicable;
    3. Any adverse effects on streetscape;
    4. Any adverse effects on amenity values, including nose, vibration, odour, dust, air emissions, earthworks and lighting.
  2. ​For the minor upgrading (in relation to electric lines) of above-ground electric lines and support structures
    1. Visual, landscape and ecological effects;
    2. The effects on historic heritage;
    3. The effects and timing of construction works;
    4. The effects on services and infrastructure.


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