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  22. Part B Maps
Tauranga City Plan

10C  Purpose of the Designations Provisions

Updated 8 March 2017

Organisations that are ‘requiring authorities,’ and able to apply and use designations include Ministers of the Crown, local authorities and also private bodies identified as network utility operators within the RMA. These organisations have status as a requiring authority under section 167 of the RMA. Status as a requiring authority provides the power to require land, including private land, to be set aside for designated activities for which works can be undertaken and the requiring authority is financially responsible.

The effect of designating land is to authorise the use of that land for a particular work (e.g., a school, police station or electricity substation). Once a designation is in place it takes precedence over the zoning of the land.

Designations that exist within the City are listed in Appendix 10C: Designations, and are identified on the Plan Maps, (Part B). 

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the city

network utility




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