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  5. 4-General Rules
  6. 5-Natural Environment
  7. 6-Natural Features & Landscapes
  8. 7-Heritage
  9. 8-Natural Hazards
  10. 9-Hazardous Substances & Contaminated Land
  11. 10-Network Utilities & Designations
  12. 11-Financial Contributions
  13. 12-Subdivision Services & Infrastructure
    1. 12A-Purpose: Subdivision
    2. 12B-Subdivision in Residential Zones
    3. 12C-Subdivision in the Rural Residential Zone
    4. 12D-Subdivision in the Rural Zones
    5. 12E-Subdivision in Commercial & Industrial Zones
    6. 12F-Subdivision: Marae, Papakainga & Matapihi
    7. 12G-Purpose: Service & Infrastructure
  14. 13-Open Space
  15. 14-Residential Zones
  16. 15-Rural Residential Zone
  17. 16-Rural Zones
  18. 17-Commercial Zones
  19. 18-Industrial Zones
  20. 19-Education Centre Zones
  21. 20-Special Use Zone-Baypark
  22. Part B Maps
Tauranga City Plan

12  Subdivision, Services and Infrastructure

Contents of this section

Covers subdivision for all zones, and also sets out standards for the development of infrastructure.

Section 12A

12A  Purpose of Subdivision Provisions

12A.1  General Subdivision Objectives and Policies
12A.2  Activity Status Rules 
12A.3  General (All Zones)
12A.4  Permitted Activity Rules 
12A.5  Controlled Activity Rules 
12A.6  Restricted Discretionary Activity Rules
12A.7  Discretionary Activity Rules 
12A.8  Non-Complying Activities 
12A.9  Prohibited Activity Rules

Section 12B

12B  Subdivision in Residential Zones

12B.1  Objectives and Policies for Subdivision in Residential Zones
12B.2  Residential Zones 
12B.3  Controlled Activity Rules 
12B.4  Restricted Discretionary Activity Rules 
12B.5  Discretionary Activity Rules
12B.6  Non–Complying Activity Rules 

Section 12C  

12C  Subdivision in the Rural Residential Zone 

12C.1  Objectives and Policies for Rural Residential Zone Subdivision
12C.2  Rural Residential Zone 
12C.3  Controlled Activity Rules 
12C.4  Restricted Discretionary Activity Rules
12C.5  Discretionary Activity Rules
12C.6  Non–Complying Activity Rules 

Section 12D

12D  Subdivision in the Rural Zones 

12D.1  Objectives and Policies for Rural Zone Subdivision
12D.2  Rural, Greenbelt and Future Urban Zones 
12D.3  Controlled Activity Rules 
12D.4  Restricted Discretionary Activity Rules 
12D.5  Discretionary Activities 
12D.6  Non-Complying Activity Rules 

Section 12E

12E  Subdivision in the Commercial and Industrial Zones

12E.1  Objectives and Policies for Commercial and Industrial Subdivision 
12E.2  Commercial and Industrial Zone Subdivision
12E.3  Controlled Activity Rules 
12E.4  Restricted Discretionary Activity Rules 
12E.5  Discretionary Activities 
12E.6  Non-Complying Activity Rules 

Section 12F

12F  Subdivision within Marae Community Zones, Papakainga Zones and Matapihi Papakainga Scheduled Sites

12F.1  Objectives and Policies for Marae Community Zones, Papakainga Zones and Matapihi Papakainga Scheduled Sites 
12F.2  Marae Community Zones, Ngati Kahu Papakainga Zone and Matapihi Papakainga Scheduled Sites 
12F.3  Controlled Activity Rules
12F.4  Restricted Discretionary Activity Rules
12F.5  Discretionary Activity Rules
12F.6  Non-Complying Activity Rules

Section 12G

12G  Purpose of Service and Infrastructure Provisions

12G.1  Objectives and Policies for Services and Infrastructure 
12G.2  Activity Status Rules
12G.3  Permitted Activity Rules – Services
12G.4  Controlled Activity Rules
12G.5  Restricted Discretionary Activity Rules 
12G.6  Discretionary Activity Rules 


Appendix 12A: Performance Standard, Transport Network (194kb pdf)
Appendix 12B: Performance Standard, Stormwater (146kb pdf)
Appendix 12C: Performance Standard, Wastewater  (195kb pdf)
Appendix 12D: Performance Standard, Water Supply (193kb pdf)
Appendix 12E: Performance Standard, Reserves  (204kb pdf)
Appendix 12F: Subdivision Layout and Design (259kb pdf)
Appendix 12G: Outline Development Plan – Central Bethlehem Scheduled Site Sheet 1 (368kb pdf)
Appendix 12G: Outline Development Plan – Central Bethlehem Scheduled Site Sheet 2 (97kb pdf)
Appendix 12H: General Location of Emergency Overland Flowpaths – Wairakei (218kb pdf)

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