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Tauranga City Plan

12B.5  Discretionary Activity Rules

Updated 11 September 2018

The following are Discretionary Activities:

  1. Subdivision that does not meet the minimum allotment size in the Suburban Residential and High Density Residential Zone;
  2. Subdivision within an urban growth area that does not comply with Rule 12B.3.1.3 – Comprehensively Designed Development;
  3. Subdivision not listed as a Controlled, Restricted Discretionary or Non-Complying Activity;
  4. Any subdivision listed as a Discretionary Activity in Table 12A.1: Subdivision Activity Status.
  5. Subdivision within the Papamoa Medium Rise Plan Area that is not provided for under Rule 12B.3.1.1 a) or b ) - Controlled Activity – Minimum Allotment Size.
  6. Subdivision within the Central Bethlehem Scheduled Site made under Rule 12B.4 e) - Restricted Discretionary Activity Rules that does not comply with Rule 12B.4.2.2 - Subdivision in the Central Bethlehem Scheduled Site (Standards and Terms), with the exception of non-compliance with Rules 12B.4.2.2 a) ii)-vii) - Subdivision in the Central Bethlehem Scheduled Site (Standards and Terms) which shall be considered as a Restricted Discretionary Activity and assessed in accordance with Rule 12B.4.3.3 - Subdivision in the Central Bethlehem Scheduled Site (Matters of Discretion and Conditions).
  7. Any subdivision that does not comply with Rule 12B.3.1.1 - Minimum Allotment Size.

12B.5.1 Assessment of Discretionary Activities

In considering a Discretionary Activity the Council’s discretion is unrestricted. The Council will consider any relevant matter with particular regard to the relevant Objectives and Policies of the Plan.

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