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Tauranga City Plan

12D  Subdivision in the Rural Zones

Updated 12 March 2016

The subdivision provisions in the Rural Zone provide for rural activities while maintaining the productivity of rural land. These provisions also recognise that this zone forms a rural backdrop to the City which adds to its landscape character. There is particular emphasis on subdivision not compromising the production capability and capacity of this land.

Because some areas of rural zoned land are identified as strategically important for accommodating future urban growth through the Regional Policy Statement (that is land identified as the Te Tumu Future Urban Zone located to the east of the City) subdivision will be managed to ensure the cumulative effects of any fragmentation of rural land will not compromise the ability to provide effective and efficient urban development in the long term.

The subdivision provisions in the Greenbelt Zone recognise its role in the provision of rural amenity, stormwater management, open space and green corridor links and in the protection of natural character and ecological values.

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the city

landscape character

natural character


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