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Tauranga City Plan

12F.1  Objectives and Policies for Marae Community Zones, Papakainga Zones and Matapihi Papakainga Scheduled Sites

Updated 12 March 2016

12F.1.1 Objective – Maori Community Development

Subdivision or full partitions facilitate the use and development of marae and multiple-owned Maori land to meet the needs of iwi, hapu and whanau in a manner that is consistent with the purpose of the underlying zone.

12F.1.1.1 Policy – Maori Community Development

By ensuring that subdivision or full partitions occur in a way that:

  1. Can accommodate land use activities in a manner that is consistent with the purpose of the underlying zone and surrounding landscape character;
  2. Provides an appropriate level of infrastructure and services.

12F.1.1.2 Policy – Subdivision or Partition within Marae Community Zones, Papakainga Zones or Papakainga Scheduled Sites

By ensuring subdivision or full partition applications have regard to any special Marae Concept Development Plans, Land Use Plans or Management Plans lodged with the Council.

12F.1.1.3 Thresholds for Maori Community Development

Providing thresholds for subdivision and full partitions within Rural Marae Community Zones that:

  1. Recognise the short term housing needs of hapu whilst ensuring long term housing development and servicing requirements are not compromised;
  2. Identify the point at which the density of housing development and associated service requirements are unlikely to be consistent with the purpose of the underlying zone.

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landscape character

multiple-owned maori land




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