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    1. 12A-Purpose: Subdivision
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    4. 12D-Subdivision in the Rural Zones
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    7. 12G-Purpose: Service & Infrastructure
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Tauranga City Plan

12G.2  Activity Status Rules

Updated 12 March 2016

12G.2.1 Minimum On-Site Services and the Provisions of Infrastructure to Vest in Council 

The provision of services and infrastructure shall have the status identified in Table.12G.1: Services and Infrastructure Provision Activity Status. Symbols used in Table 12G.1: Services and Infrastructure Provision Activity Status have the meaning described in Table 1A.2: Activity Status

Note: The provision of infrastructure to vest in Council as part of a subdivision application does not require a separate land-use consent.

The construction of infrastructure that is not to be vested in Council and is not associated with the Transport Network, Stormwater, Wastewater, Water or Reserves is not subject to Section 12G and is provided for under Chapter 10 – Network Utilities and Designations.

The ongoing operation, maintenance and upgrade of all infrastructure is subject to the requirements of Chapter 10 – Network Utilities and Designations.

Table 12G.1: Services and Infrastructure Provision Activity Status

Use/Activity  Relevant Rule All Zones
Provision of services 12G.3.1 P
The construction and vesting of infrastructure in the Council that complies with the relevant performance standards in Appendix 12A, B, C, D and E 12G.4 C

Definitions in this section





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