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Tauranga City Plan

12G.4  Controlled Activity Rules

Updated 11 September 2018

Those activities listed as Controlled Activities in Table 12G.1: Infrastructure and Services Provision Activity Status.

12G.4.1 Controlled Activities – Standards and Terms 

Note: The most certain means of compliance with the relevant infrastructure performance standards and Rule 12G.4.1.1 - Infrastructure and Rule 12G.4.1.2 – Multi Unit Development is for applicants to use the Council’s Infrastructure Development Code. 

12G.4.1.1 Infrastructure

Subdivision, use and development that includes construction of infrastructure to vest in the Council shall demonstrate how compliance with the relevant performance standards under Appendix: 12A, B, C, D and E - Performance Standard will be achieved.

12G.4.1.2 Multi Unit Development

Where multiple units are being constructed on-site prior to a subdivision the system designed to cater for stormwater, wastewater and water services shall comply with the relevant performance standards in accordance with Appendix: 12ABC and D – Performance Standard.

12G.4.2 Controlled Activities – Matters of Control and Conditions

In addition to the matters of control and conditions for the underlying zone the Council reserves control over the following matters: 

  1. How compliance with the relevant performance standards will be achieved;
  2. The design standards to be used to design the infrastructure;
  3. The construction and design specifications;
  4. The materials to be used;
  5. The testing regime to be adopted to ensure the work will meet the design and construction standards;
  6. The Quality Assurance method to be adopted to certify the design and construction methodology.

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