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Tauranga City Plan

13A.1 Purpose of the Passive Open Space Zone

Updated 5 October 2013

Areas zoned Passive Open Space primarily provide for local communities and their casual recreation, play, relaxation, community activity, amenity, and generally will provide physical links to other areas. Passive Open Space can range from small neighbourhood reserves to large open areas, or are areas with cultural and heritage value. These areas play a role in softening the impact of the built environment and the intent of this zone is to retain an open space appearance and values, and so they remain relatively uncluttered. It is however acceptable, in certain circumstances, for some organised sport and events or community building activities to take place, as guided by adopted Reserve Management Plans.

Within the Passive Open Space Zone there are 8 Recreation and Leisure Scheduled Sites.

The Recreation and Leisure Scheduled Site provisions enable the ability of existing activities to continue to operate and develop through special permitted activity rules, with development occurring in accordance with identified Outline Development Plans. Each Recreation and Leisure Scheduled Site is afforded specific Objectives and Policies which enable appropriate assessment of activities to guide development. In the event of any inconsistency between Scheduled Site Objectives and Policies and the underlying zone Objectives and Policies, the specific Scheduled Sites Objectives and Policies shall prevail.

The 8 Scheduled Sites are:

  1. Mount Maunganui Golf Course;
  2. Papamoa Beach Top 10 Holiday Resort;
  3. Mayfair Holiday Park;
  4. Tauranga Bridge Marina;
  5. Tauranga Marina;
  6. Tauranga Race Course and Tauranga Golf Course;
  7. Mauao Recreation Reserve;
  8. Papamoa Domain.

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neighbourhood reserve

outline development plan

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