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Tauranga City Plan

13A.2 Purpose of the Active Open Space Zone and Active Open Space Zone (Major)

Updated 4 November 2014

The Active Open Space Zone applies to the City’s larger parks and reserves that are primarily used for organised sport and events, usually with associated buildings and structures. These areas are also used for passive purposes and provide large areas of open green space.

The Plan provisions recognise the intensive use made of these areas, and the need to provide sufficient facilities to support these uses while retaining a park or reserves open space character and amenity values.

Within the Active Open Space Zone there are 2 Recreation and Leisure Scheduled Sites.

The Recreation and Leisure Scheduled Site provisions enable the ability of existing activities to continue to operate and develop through special permitted activity rules. Each Recreation and Leisure Scheduled Site is afforded specific Objectives and Policies which enable appropriate assessment of activities to guide development. In the event of any inconsistency between Scheduled Sites Objectives and Policies and the underlying zone Objectives and Policies, the specific Scheduled Sites Objectives and Policies shall prevail.

The 2 Scheduled Sites are:

  1. Elizabeth Street;
  2. 10 Salisbury Avenue.

Coupled with the Active Open Space Zone is the Active Open Space Zone (Major) which applies to reserves expected to contain larger facilities. The purpose of identifying these reserves specifically is to allow larger buildings and structures, including the provision for more intensive activities and events to occur on them.

The Active Open Space Zone (Major) applies to:

  1. Blake Park;
  2. Gordon Spratt Reserve;
  3. Waipuna Park;
  4. Parau Farms;
  5. Greerton Park;
  6. Tauranga/Wharepai Domain;
  7. Papamoa East (future reserve).

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