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Tauranga City Plan

14C Purpose of the Urban Marae Community Zone and the Ngati Kahu Papakainga Zone

Updated 11 September 2018

The purpose of the Urban Marae Community Zone is to provide for activities within established urban marae, which may range from tangi and hui through to the provision of residential accommodation, health, education, recreation and social services. The mix, design and operation of these facilities can be considered unique to marae. Urban Marae within the City are Huria, Harini, Maungatapu and Whareroa. 

The communal nature and use of marae facilities and the amenity they provide for residents within the zone is recognised through there being no on-site private open space requirement and the densities of residential activity being based on the overall area of the zone. As these zones are within Suburban Residential Zone locations, development is however, still expected to be of a low density, low rise character. For this reason all other bulk and location controls that apply to the zone are the same as in the Suburban Residential Zone. 

The Ngati Kahu Papakainga Zone provides for a mix of marae, residential and rural activities within this existing marae around which the urbanisation of the Bethlehem West area is taking place. The communal nature and use of marae facilities and the amenity they provide for residents within the zone is recognised through there being no on-site private open space requirement and densities of residential activity being based on the overall area of the zone. However, the changing nature of the surrounding environment is 
reflected in provisions tailored to the zone which provide for bulk and location to be compatible with the Suburban Residential Zone, but for rural and some rural based commercial activity to continue. The zone also provides for recreational and conservation areas to be retained within the marae area. 

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residential activity


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