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Tauranga City Plan

14E Pupose of the High Density Residential Zone

Updated 8 October 2016

The purpose of the High Density Residential Zone is to provide for high density development at the western end of Mount Maunganui, adjacent to the downtown shopping area, the beach, harbour and recreational amenities. The intent is to provide for a high density mix of visitor accommodation and permanent residential accommodation in the form of multi unit and apartment developments. In keeping with the nature of a higher density environment and the high off-site amenity of the area there is no regulatory requirement for private on-site open space.

A defined area of the zone, the High Rise Plan Area, provides for high rise development opportunities, subject to additional controls that relate building bulk and scale to views to and from Mauao (Mount Maunganui) and Hopukiore (Mount Drury) and address overshadowing of adjoining properties outside of the High Rise Plan Area.

Definitions in this section



high density

visitor accommodation

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