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Tauranga City Plan

14F Purpose of the Wairakei Residential Zone

Updated 11 September 2018

The purpose of the Wairakei Residential Zone is to provide for an intensified urban character within Papamoa East. The zone recognises Wairakei’s key role in accommodating a significant proportion of the City’s residential growth in a manner that integrates with existing urban growth areas in Papamoa and future urban growth areas such as Te Tumu, directly east. 

The Wairakei Residential Zone enables efficient use of serviced urban land by for independent dwelling units or residential allotments. The intent of this approach will translate the required urban densities into a built form that is predominantly urban in character, with compact detached or multi-unit, multi-level housing types likely to prevail. 

The development pattern in this zone will relate closely to the design, layout and development of the neighborhood centres, collector roads, local reserves, stormwater management areas, Papamoa East Employment Zone and the Wairakei town centre. These elements are to be taken into account when assessing development and subdivision through implementing the Wairakei Urban Growth Plan. 

The Medium Rise Plan Area is applied in distinct locations within the Wairakei Residential Zone. The Medium Rise Plan Areas provide a greater scale and density than that provided for generally in the Wairakei Residential Zone. These plan areas are located within proximity of nodes of activity and areas of comparatively higher amenity and balanced by urban design requirements that offsets the reduction in open space, are appropriately located within the transport network in terms of function and the efficient movement of people. 

Cultural view corridors to significant maunga are retained including Te Rae O Papamoa (Papamoa Hills) and Otawa along roads as shown on the Wairakei Urban Growth Plan. This includes the sensitive alignment of roads identified at the time of the initial land use consent or subdivision. Main roads should be orientated to maintain these cultural view corridors.

Definitions in this section

the city

independent dwelling unit

residential allotment


transporation network

urban growth area

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