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Tauranga City Plan

14F.2 Activity Status Rules

Updated 11 September 2018

14F.2.1 Activities in Wairakei Residential Zone

All activities in the Wairakei Residential Zone shall have the status identified in Table 14F.1: Wairakei Residential Zone Activity Status. Symbols used in Table 14F.1: Wairakei Residential Zone Activity Status have the meaning described in Table 1A.2: Activity Status

Table 14F.1: Wairakei Residential Zone Activity Status 

Use/Activity Relevant Rule Wairakei Residential 
Accessory buildings, structures or activities 14F.3 P
Business activities not listed elsewhere in Table 14F.1: Wairakei Residential Zone Activity Status 14F.7 NC
Community facility 14F.5.5 RD
Comprehensively Designed Development in the Wairakei Residential Zone Medium Rise Plan Area 14F.5.3 RD
Demolition of buildings/structures 14F.3.17 P
Health Centres 14F.6 D
Home-based business 14F.3.11 P
Homestays 14F.3.10 P
Independent dwelling units 14F.3 P
Industrial activities 14F.7 NC
Minor public recreational facilities and activities 14F.3 P
Office ancillary to a showhome 14F.4.1 C
Rest home 14F.3 P
Retirement village 14F.3 P
School 14F.5.5 RD
School and Community Facility on Catholic Diocese Scheduled Site 14F.5.10 RD
Secondary Independent Dwelling Unit 14F.3.13 P
Shared accommodation 14F.3 P
Showhomes 14F.3.15 P
Tertiary education premises 14F.5.5 RD


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