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Tauranga City Plan

15A Purpose of the Rural Residential Zone

Updated 9 September 2013

The purpose of the Rural Residential Zone is to provide part of a range of residential opportunities within the City. Land zoned for rural residential development is land considered unsuitable for conventional urban or suburban use; of limited productive capability; subject to topographical constraints or inefficient to service. This is reflected in the limited reticulated services provided within the Rural Residential Zone with the majority of services provided on-site, and in the fact the Rural Residential Zone has not been, and is not intended to be, redeveloped for suburban residential use. Development at higher densities than those permitted in the Rural Residential Zone is not anticipated.

The Rural Residential Zone is characterised by sites that are substantially larger than those in the Suburban Residential Zone, with large on-site open space areas and some primary production activities being undertaken. All these factors contribute to the rural residential character and amenity of the Rural Residential Zone.

Located on the periphery of the City’s suburban areas the Rural Residential Zone provides a buffer at the interface between suburban development and the open rural areas on the City’s boundaries, and assists in reducing reverse sensitivity conflicts between suburban amenity expectations and ongoing primary production activities.

The Tara Road Urban Growth Plan Area provides for rural residential living on the urban fringe of Tauranga and has specific requirements to avoid reverse sensitivity, geotechnical, and stormwater effects on the strategically important infrastructure of the Tauranga Eastern Link and Tara Road. In particular rural residential development in this locality should not commence until the Tauranga Eastern Link is operational in order to avoid the potential for reverse sensitivity.

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tara road urban growth plan area

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