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    1. 12A-Purpose: Subdivision
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    7. 12G-Purpose: Service & Infrastructure
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Tauranga City Plan

16A.2 Pupose of the Greenbelt Zone

Updated 9 September 2013

The Greenbelt Zone is one of the main means of managing diffuse water discharge in the escarpments, valley floors and coastal lowlands that form natural drainage systems directing overland run-off towards Tauranga Harbour. Advantage is taken of these characteristics to form an integral part of the Stormwater Management Strategy in each Urban Growth Area. The Greenbelt Zone also provides for green corridor links, natural character, ecological and/or heritage values and visual separation between developed areas. The Greenbelt Zone remains largely in private ownership, and land use and subdivision provisions provide for primary production activities and ancillary residential activity that are compatible with these values and the management of the stormwater network. 

16A.2.1 Purpose of the Future Urban Zone

The purpose of the Te Tumu Future Urban Zone is to recognise the medium term sequencing of this identified urban growth area as indicated in the Bay of Plenty Regional Policy Statement and to manage interim subdivision, use and development of this rural area in a sustainable way. This interim approach will occur until the area is rezoned and structure planned for urban development with timing and sequencing in accordance with the comprehensive set of policies and methods outlined in the Bay of Plenty Regional Policy Statement. There are many resource management considerations with the natural environmental values and effective and efficient use of existing and future infrastructure in the future Te Tumu urban growth area of particular importance for Council

Definitions in this section




natural character

primary production

residential activity


urban growth area

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