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Tauranga City Plan

16A.6  Additional Objectives and Policies for Matapihi Papakainga Scheduled Sites

Updated 9 September 2013

16A.6.1 Objective - Management of Matapihi Papakainga Scheduled Sites

The Matapihi Papakainga Scheduled Sites provide for papakainga development opportunities within the Matapihi Rural Area while maintaining the overall open, rural character, amenity and low density development of the Matapihi Rural Area, the maintenance of opportunities for primary production activities on surrounding sites, and the protection of areas identified for their natural character values.

16A.6.1.1 Policy - Management of Matapihi Papakainga Scheduled Sites 

By ensuring development in a Matapihi Papakainga Scheduled Site:

  1. Provides flexibility for the owners to direct the internal development of multiple housing while avoiding the potential adverse impacts of:
    1. Over height buildings on surrounding dwellings and properties, and as viewed from public open space, including the streetscape and skyline through overshadowing, overlooking or visual dominance of buildings;
    2. Overshadowing on surrounding properties, particularly dwellings; 
  2. Provides at the external boundaries of the site for a physical separation of buildings and overshadowing controls to:
    1. Mitigate potential reverse sensitivity impacts on activities on adjoining sites including primary production activities and residential activity;
    2. Provide for a consistent streetscape that provides opportunities for landscape planting and the maintenance of an open rural character as viewed from roads;
  3. Provides for the physical needs of the development, in terms of water supply and waste disposal, without adverse effects on the environment.


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