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Tauranga City Plan

17A.4 Purpose of the Wairakei Town Centre and Wairakei Neighbourhood Centre Zones

Updated 11 September 2018

The Wairakei Town Centre Zone provides for a significant new sub-regional commercial business area to serve urban growth in Papamoa East (Wairakei and Te Tumu). The development of The Boulevard and Te Okuroa Drive, as key parts of the road network to link the town centre with other parts of Wairakei to the west, and Te Tumu to the east is expected as part of town centre development proposals in the vicinity of their alignment. The town centre streets in the vicinity are expected to support both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, with a pedestrian friendly environment created at street level. 

The overall assemblage of the public streetscape, private frontage and building type is designed to support a pedestrian orientated experience where traffic function allows this to occur.

On local and collector streets wide footpaths, a variety of frontage design, shop fronts, on-street parking and other elements will collectively establish an environment which supports pedestrian activity.

On the secondary arterial roads passing through the town centre, traffic function, safety and convenience will take priority while tree planting on berms and landscaping on private site frontages will provide visual amenity along the street.

It is also important to ensure design and functional integration between the Wairakei Town Centre Zone and Papamoa East Employment Zone areas and the Te Tumu land immediately adjoining. For this reason, notification of the Te Tumu landowners is required when land to be developed lies directly east of the Wairakei Town Centre main street.

The Wairakei Neighbourhood Centre Zone will support local services and local shopping needs for the surrounding residents. The Wairakei Neighbourhood Centre Zones are located to meet walkable neighbourhood design principles. A mixed use type commercial centre is expected to develop within these areas with medium to high residential densities above ground floor commercial activity

Development in these zones will be comprehensively designed, generally in accordance with the Wairakei Urban Growth Plan and the Wairakei Staging Plan.

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mixed use




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