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Tauranga City Plan

17A.5 Objectives and Policies of the Commercial Zones

Updated 11 September 2018

17A.5.1 Objective – Network of Commercial Centres

A network of vibrant, convenient and accessible commercial centres which are closely aligned with public transport, walking and cycling opportunities, and serve as social, economic and cultural focal points for the community.

17A.5.1.1 Policy – Network of Commercial Centres

By encouraging business activities, together with associated civic, cultural, educational and entertainment uses, to consolidate within Commercial Zones of various functions and scale.

17A.5.2 Objective – Efficient Distribution of Commercial Development

Convenient access to business activities and employment opportunities through efficiently located Commercial Zones.

17A.5.2.1 Policy – New Commercial Zones or Commercial Development Outside of Commercial Zones

By ensuring that new Commercial Zones or business activities outside the Commercial Zones are appropriately located to consolidate business activities within a network of commercial centres by:

  1. Ensuring that development is of a form and scale consistent with the surrounding environment;
  2. Providing a distribution of commercial centres efficiently located within the transport network, with particular regard to the provisions of Policy 17A.5.2.2– Efficiency of the Transport Network and the indicative distribution of those centres identified in Diagram 15, Section 5, (Plan Maps, Part B) (Commercial Centres Network);
  3. Ensuring a positive nett benefit to the community with respect to the range of services provided and the location of those services;
  4. Ensuring the amenity of the surrounding environment is not compromised by out-of-zone or new commercial business activities;
  5. Avoiding business activities in Residential Zones and Industrial Zones in accordance with objectives and policies for non-residential uses in these zones.

17A.5.2.2 Policy - Efficiency of the Transport Network

By ensuring that commercial business activities are well located within the transport network and that the distribution of development opportunities allows the community to access these business activities by a variety of modes of transport through:

  1. Meeting the Objectives and Policies for transportation outlined in Chapter 4B - General Rules Provisions of the Plan;
  2. Maximising the integration of business activities with the public transport network;
  3. Maximising the distribution of small scale convenience retail opportunities to meet people’s daily needs that are within walking distance for most of the community;
  4. Integrating pedestrian and cycle links with the development of commercial centres;
  5. Ensuring the effects of business activities are acceptable with respect to the local and wider transport network.

Definitions in this section

business activity

commercial centres

commercial zones


industrial zones

residential zones


transport network

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