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Tauranga City Plan

18A.16 Discretionary Activity Rules

Updated 11 September 2018

The following are Discretionary Activities:

  1. Any permitted activity that does not comply with:
    1. Rule 18A.12.1 – Building Height, except for with the exception that any wharf crane exceeding permitted building height under Rule 18A.12.1.3 b) – Port Industry Zone which is a Restricted Discretionary Activity;
    2. Rule 18A.12.6 - Take-Away Food Premises;
    3. Rule 18A.13.1 - Mangatawa Industrial Estate Scheduled Site – Permitted Activities;
    4. The requirement in Rule 18A.13.3 – 12 Owens Place Scheduled Site (Lot 4 DPS 27323) –Permitted Activities that furniture retailing shall not exceed 3000m2 in gross floor area;
  2. Any activity that does not comply with the following Permitted Activity rules for the Tauriko Industry Zone:
    1. Rule 18A.14.3.1 - Building Setback – Stages 2B and 3B;
    2. Rule 18A.14.3.2 - Traffic Management, Safety and Convenience;
    3. Rule 18A.14.3.4 - Compliance of Land Use with Urban Growth Plan, Services Strategy, Staging Plan, Outline Development Plan, and other relevant documents;
  3. Any activity that does not comply with Rule 18A.15.9 - Restricted Discretionary Activities – Standards and Terms in the Cross Road Nautilus Scheduled Site;
  4. Any land use within any stage of the Tauriko Industrial Zone as identified in Diagram 9, Section 5, (Plan Maps, Part B), (Tauriko Staging Diagram) where any of the prerequisites set out in Column 3 of the Appendix 18F.7: Sequencing Schedule table contained in Section 7 of Appendix 18F: Tauriko Business Estate Services Strategy Statement and Sequencing Strategy in relation to that stage have not been completed unless the land use concerned requires resource consent under another rule in the Plan and an application for consent for that use specifically undertakes that those prerequisites will be completed before the start of the activity. For the avoidance of doubt this provision shall not apply to earthworks and the preparation of land for subdivision, use and development associated with land development;
  5. All activities that are not listed as Permitted, Controlled, Restricted Discretionary or Non-Complying Activities;
  6. Any activity identified as a Discretionary Activity in Table 18A.1: Industrial Zones Activity Status.

18A.16.1 Assessment of Discretionary Activities

In considering a Discretionary Activity the Council’s discretion is unrestricted. The Council shall consider any relevant matter with particular regard to the relevant objectives and policies of the Plan.

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gross floor area


the plan


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