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Tauranga City Plan

18A.4 Purpose of Papamoa East Employment Zone

Updated 11 September 2018

The purpose of the Papamoa East Employment Zone, located in the Wairakei Urban Growth Area is to provide for a range of general industries, warehousing, distribution and trade services and like activities that provide employment opportunities to the growing population of Papamoa East.

The Zone has been developed as part of the comprehensive urban growth area planning for Wairakei in accordance with the SmartGrowth Strategy, as well as giving effect to the Regional Policy Statement business land policies.

The zone location is around the proposed Papamoa East Interchange to assist in environmental mitigation related to noise, and is conveniently accessible to the rest of Papamoa and to the Tauranga Eastern Link longterm.

General retail activities and other commercial activities are expected to establish in the Wairakei Town Centre Zones and local neighbourhood centres, not the Papamoa Employment Zone so as not to diminish the economic activity and efficiency of those new commercial areas.

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