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Tauranga City Plan

18A.7 Objectives and Policies for the Port Industry Zone

Updated 11 September 2018

18A.7.1 Objective – Bulk and Scale of Buildings in the Port Industry Zone

The infrastructural and operational needs of the Port of Tauranga are provided for as a matter of priority while limiting the effects of those activities on landscape character and the environment.

18A.7.1.1 Policy – Bulk and Scale of Buildings in the Port Industry Zone

By providing for the operational needs of the Port within defined limits that minimise the impacts of activities and structures within the Port Industry Zone on landscape character.

18A.7.2 Objective - Activities in the Port Industry Zone

The limited area available for activities that rely on proximity to the harbour and infrastructure of the Port is retained for activities that rely on that infrastructure or support those activities.

18A.7.2.1 Policy – Activities in the Port Industry Zone

  1. By providing for business activities that rely on proximity to the limited resource of the harbour margin and Port infrastructure, together with complementary activities, while ensuring that activities that do not require such location are directed to other areas of the City;
  2. Through managing risk and public safety associated with Port activities, and in particular minimising those potential conflicts arising, individually or cumulatively, as a result of sensitive land use activities near hazardous facilities.

Definitions in this section


business activity

the city



landscape character


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