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Tauranga City Plan

18A.9 Objective and Policy for Papamoa East Employment Zone

Updated 2 December 2017

18A.9.1 Objective - Activity and Development in Papamoa East Employment Zone

A range of industrial employment activities that are developed in a sustainable and comprehensive manner, supporting the urban growth of Papamoa East and with good accessibility to the transport network.

18A.9.1.1 Policy Activity and Development in Papamoa East Employment Zone

By ensuring development, land use and subdivision occurs in a comprehensive and integrated manner, and has regard to:

  1. Traffic management measures to ensure the safe and efficient use of the transport network and efficient and effective public transport through the area, particularly Te Okuroa Drive;
  2. Provision of building setbacks and landscaped frontage to achieve a landscaped environment along Te Okuroa Drive and when viewed from the Wairakei residential area across Te Okuroa Drive;
  3. Amenity mitigation measures to ensure that industrial employment activity does not create unreasonable effects for nearby residents;
  4. Boundary setbacks and overshadowing at zone and Urban Growth Area boundaries;
  5. Land use and transportation integration with the future Te Tumu Urban Growth Area (where the land lies east of a line drawn north-south along Wairakei Main Street (refer Plan Maps – Part B).

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