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Tauranga City Plan

19A Purpose of the Education Centre Zones

Updated 9 September 2013

Educational activities are carried out by a number of agencies in the City, including the Ministry of Education and a number of private and voluntary agencies. The majority of these educational activities, being schools and tertiary education premises in the City, are designated by the Minister of Education. Those schools and tertiary education premises which are not designated, nor provided for within the relevant zone, such as integrated schools and, non-integrated schools and tertiary education premises, need to be addressed by way of special provisions so the natural and physical resources are sustainably managed and, in particular, so potential adverse effects on the surrounding environment are mitigated.

The purpose of the Education Centre Zone is to create an overall management framework to enable the continued operation and development of non-integrated and integrated schools, and tertiary education premises within which the needs of education, recreation, faith and training, including directly associated activities, can be met, while minimising adverse effects on adjoining sites and the wider surrounding environment.

The Education Centre Zone applies to the following schools and tertiary education premises:

  1. Bethlehem (Education Centre 1 Zone);
  2. Faith Bible College (Education Centre 2 Zone);
  3. Rudolf Steiner School (Education Centre 3 Zone);
  4. Tauranga Adventist School (Education Centre 4 Zone)

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the city




tertiary education premises

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