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Tauranga City Plan

19D Education Centre 3 Zone (Rudolf Steiner School - Sub-Zones A & B)

Updated 14 December 2018

All activities in the Education Centre 3 Zone shall have the status identified in Table 19D.1: Education Centre Zones (Rudolf Steiner School) Activity Status. Symbols used in Table 19D.1: Education Centre Zones (Rudolf Steiner School) Activity Status have the meaning described in Table 1A.2: Activity Status.

Table 19D.1 - Education Centre Zones (Rudolf Steiner School) Activity Status

Use/Activity Relevant Rule Sub Zone A Sub Zone B
Accessory building, structure or activity. 19D.1 P P
Community facilities - P
(Refer Rule 19D.1)
(Refer Rule 19D.2)
Demolition of a building or structure 19D.1.8 P P
The following activities directly associated with schools and tertiary education premises:
  1. Conferences;
  2. Counselling;
  3. Cultural activities;
  4. Business education.
- P
(Refer Rule 19D.1)
(Refer Rule 19D.2)
Independent dwelling units directly associated with schools and tertiary education premises. - P
(Refer Rule 19D.1)
(Refer Rule 19D.2)
Playing fields, sports grounds and hard courts. - P
(Refer Rule 19D.1)
(Refer Rule 19D.2)
Structures such as goal posts, cricket nets, fences and other similar structures which are ancillary to and used in conjunction with playing fields, sports grounds and hard courts. - P
(Refer Rule 19D.1)
(Refer Rule 19D.2)
Lighting, including support structures. 19D.1 P P
Primary production activities, excluding, factory farming and aerial spraying of crops. 19D.1 P P
Schools and tertiary education premises. - P
(Refer Rule 19D.1)
(Refer Rule 19D.2)
Student accommodation (shared accommodation) directly associated with schools and tertiary education premises. - P
(Refer Rule 19D.1)
(Refer Rule 19D.2)


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