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Tauranga City Plan

19E.2 Controlled Activity Rules

Updated 9 September 2013

The following are Controlled Activities:

  1. Any activity listed as Controlled Activity within Table 19E.1: Education Centre Zones (Tauranga Adventist School) Activity Status.

19E.2.1 Controlled Activities - Standards and Terms

Note: Any activity described as a Controlled Activity that does not comply with a Controlled Activity standard and term shall be considered a Restricted Discretionary Activity.

Controlled Activities shall comply with the following standards and terms:

  1. Every activity shall meet the Permitted Activity Rules, where relevant;
  2. A site development and landscape plan shall be submitted with each application indicating the design, location and type of proposed buildings, on-site landscaping and tree planting to be provided and maintained;
  3. For the purposes of Rule 19E.2.1 b) – Controlled Activities – Standards and Terms, the site development and landscape plans shall have regard to the following design principles:
    1. Acoustic barriers along the western edge of the playing fields parallel to the western boundary;
    2. Parking, manoeuvring and playing field areas;
    3. Mitigation of headlights from surrounding roads on to the site from the southern and eastern boundaries;
    4. Mitigation of headlights from vehicles entering the site affecting adjacent properties to the west;
    5. A planting schedule incorporating indigenous vegetation, a planting programme and maintenance schedule;
    6. Landscaping to be permanently maintained in accordance with Rule 19E.2.1 c) v) – Controlled Activities – Standards and Terms for the duration of the activity being located on site.

19E.2.2 Controlled Activities - Matters of Control and Conditions

The Council reserves control over the following matters:

  1. The degree to which the design, location and type of proposed on-site landscaping and tree planting shown on the landscape plan required for each sub-zone achieves the design principles set out in Rule 19E.2.1 c) - Controlled Activities - Standards and Terms.

19E.2.3 Non-Notification

Any application for a resource consent made under Rule 19E.2 – Controlled Activities does not need to be notified, or served on affected persons.

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