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    7. 12G-Purpose: Service & Infrastructure
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Tauranga City Plan

Definitions - D

Updated 16 November 2020

damage (in relation to Notable or Heritage Trees)


  1. Topping;
  2. Pollarding;
  3. Drilling holes into a tree; or
  4. Removing bark from a tree.


That period between 0700 hours (7am) and 2200 hours (10pm).


Means dismantling, destruction and/or removal of part or all of any building or structure.

design feature

A distinctive part of a building designed for visual effect that is not integral to the day to day functioning of that building.

developed landscape area

Means a combination including trees, shrubs, groundcover and growing areas, hard landscape elements (including but not limited to permeable paved surfaces, artworks, fences or seating) which provide amenity to the streetscape.

direct vehicle access

The position of a carport, garage, or vehicle parking space in relation to the Road Zone so that entry and exit to that space is situated more or less perpendicular to the Road Zone from which it is served.

direct vehicle access


The point at which a vertical line from the outermost extent of a tree’s spreading canopy branches meets the ground, or for a tree with a columnar canopy, a distance outward from the trunk of half the height of the tree.


Proposed Amendment

"duplex dwelling"

"A residential building comprising two attached independent dwelling units on one site, or two Records of Title where subsequently subdivided in accordance with Chapter 12 – Subdivision, Services and Infrastructure. For the avoidance of doubt, independent dwelling units physically connected by garages, will also be deemed to be attached." 

 Duplex dwelling
"*Indicative drawing and not what is prescribed by the definition to be the only design of a duplex dwelling."

Plan Change 26 – No legal effect

dwelling unit

Is for the purpose of Chapter 11 – Financial Contributions and means a building or part of a building intended to be used as an independent residence, including, but not limited to, apartments, semi-detached or detached houses, units, town houses and caravans (where used as a place of residence or occupied for a period of time exceeding 3 months in a calendar year). To avoid doubt, visitor accommodation units that are separate unit titles will be considered as dwelling units. For the purposes of this definition the following activities will not be assessed as a dwelling unit:

  1. Caravans and other mobile forms of accommodation located and serviced within an approved camping ground (i.e., one that has received a resource consent or has existing use rights under section 10 of the RMA);
  2. Premises or parts thereof complying with the visitor accommodation provisions of the Plan, up to and including 30 September 2000, or with resource consent to operate as visitor accommodation in which each unit is not separately unit titled.

dwelling unit equivalent

The number of occupants the building is designed or licensed to accommodate divided by 2.5 persons.

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