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  6. 5-Natural Environment
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  9. 8-Natural Hazards
  10. 9-Hazardous Substances & Contaminated Land
  11. 10-Network Utilities & Designations
  12. 11-Financial Contributions
  13. 12-Subdivision Services & Infrastructure
    1. 12A-Purpose: Subdivision
    2. 12B-Subdivision in Residential Zones
    3. 12C-Subdivision in the Rural Residential Zone
    4. 12D-Subdivision in the Rural Zones
    5. 12E-Subdivision in Commercial & Industrial Zones
    6. 12F-Subdivision: Marae, Papakainga & Matapihi
    7. 12G-Purpose: Service & Infrastructure
  14. 13-Open Space
  15. 14-Residential Zones
  16. 15-Rural Residential Zone
  17. 16-Rural Zones
  18. 17-Commercial Zones
  19. 18-Industrial Zones
  20. 19-Education Centre Zones
  21. 20-Special Use Zone-Baypark
  22. Part B Maps
Tauranga City Plan

Definitions - O

Updated 2 December 2017

offensive trade

Means the following activities or processes:

  1. Blood or offal treating;
  2. Bone boiling or crushing;
  3. Dag crushing;
  4. Fellmongering;
  5. Fish cleaning and curing;
  6. Flax pulping;
  7. Flock manufacturing, or teasing of textile materials for any purpose;
  8. Gut scraping and teasing;
  9. Refuse disposal;
  10. Storage, drying, or preserving of hides, bones, hoofs or skins;
  11. Tallow melting;
  12. Tanning;
  13. Wood pulping;
  14. Wool scouring.


The use of a building for the purposes of administration, consultation, or management of business transactions and shall include:

  1. Administrative offices for the purposes of managing the affairs of an organisation, whether or not trading is conducted;
  2. Commercial offices such as banks, insurance agents, or real estate agents where trade (other than for the immediate exchange of money for goods) is transacted;
  3. Professional offices such as the offices of accountants, solicitors, architects, engineers, surveyors, stockbrokers, and consultants where a professional service is available and carried out. This definition shall not include those activities defined as health centres.

In this context ‘office’ shall exclude such activities which fall within the class of activity known as home-based businesses.

office ancillary to a showhome

Means a building, or part of a building, on the same site as a showhome, within which administrative activities relating to the continuing operation of that showhome are undertaken.

one-bedroom dwelling

A dwelling unit that has not more than two rooms, excluding a kitchen, laundry, bathroom, toilet or any room used solely as an entrance hall, passageway or garage. This includes studio apartments.

on-site services

Is for the purpose of Chapter 11 – Financial Contributions and means the services provided for a new subdivision or land use which are solely or principally for the benefit of land within the application site, and which will be vested as public assets in the territorial local authority.

open space zones

The Passive Open Space, Active Open Space, Active Open Space (Major) and Conservation Zones. 

outdoor developed landscape

A combination of permeable surface and plants with sufficient growing area both above and below ground to effectively buffer the scale of built structures

outline development plan

A plan to guide the future development of land and may form either a component of the Plan, or be approved under the provisions of the Plan.

outstanding natural features and landscapes

A feature or landform listed in Appendix 6A: Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes which has exceptional qualities for more than one of the following criteria:

  1. Natural science factors;
  2. Aesthetic values;
  3. Expressiveness (legibility);
  4. Transient values;
  5. Shared and recognised values;
  6. Maori values;
  7. Historical associations.

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