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Tauranga City Plan

Definitions - T

Updated 16 November 2020

take-away food premises

Means premises primarily selling prepared food for consumption off the premises and which may or may not serve customers in their vehicles. 


The funeral process and act of mourning by Maori. 

tara road urban growth plan area

Means the land within the Tauranga City Council territory that is located south of Tara Road and north of the designation for the Tauranga Eastern Link, as shown on UG5, Section 6, Urban Growth Plan (Plan Maps, Part B) and zoned Rural Residential on Sheet L71, Section 1,(Plan Maps, Part B)

tauranga ecological district

The area of land situated in the western Bay of Plenty, between the eastern foothills of the Kaimai-Mamaku range and the Pacific Ocean, encompassing the western half of the coastal dune systems that stretch between Waihi Beach and Opotiki. 

tauriko business estate

Means the commercial and industrial area of Tauriko comprised of the Tauriko Commercial Zone and Tauriko Industry Zone, together with areas of the Greenbelt and Road Zones

telecommunication line

Means ‘line’ as defined in Section 2(1A) of the Telecommunications Act 1987 which means a wire or wires or a conductor of any other kind (including a fibre optic cable) used or intended to be used for the transmission or reception of signs, signals, impulses, writing, images, sounds, or intelligence of any nature by means of any electromagnetic system; and includes any pole, insulator, casing, fixture, tunnel, or other equipment or material used or intended to be used for supporting, enclosing, surrounding, or protecting any such wire or conductor; and also includes any part of a line. 

temporary activity


  1. A temporary building associated with an approved building or construction project;
  2. Use of a caravan or other mobile form of accommodation for the purpose of accommodation;
  3. Individual carnivals, fairs, galas, public meetings, filming, concerts, sporting and other special events and associated temporary buildings, structures and temporary cell sites for mobile phone usage that comply with the New Zealand Standards relevant to electromagnetic emissions;
  4. Temporary military training activities undertaken for defence purposes (as defined in the Defence Act 1990);

temporary commercial use

An activity which requires a charge to participate or involves the sale of goods or hire of equipment, products or materials to persons using land or buildings in an Open Space Zone.

temporary sign

Means any sign not intended for permanent display, on a site or on a road, or which is erected and removed in relation to:

  1. A community event; 
  2. Electioneering;
  3. Construction sites;
  4. Hazard identification and warning;
  5. Selling of land or buildings;
  6. A statutory process as required by legislation.

Note: See also the definition of sign.

temporary storage areas

Means an area set aside for the storage of goods, materials, plant machinery or equipment and solid waste associated with the routine maintenance, renewal or minor upgrading (in relation to electric lines) of network utilities where the storage associated with such works does not exceed a period of 30 consecutive days within one calendar year.

Proposed Amendment

"terrace housing"

"A row of three or more independent dwelling units that are separated by vertical party walls on one or both sides."

Plan Change 26 – No legal effect

tertiary education premises

Land and/or buildings used to provide regular instruction or training not meeting the definition of school and includes tertiary education institutions, work skills training centres, outdoor education centres and sport training establishments and their ancillary administrative, cultural, recreational or communal facilities.

trade suppliers

Means a business engaging in sales whose products wholly consist of one or more of the following categories:

  1. Automotive or marine supplies;
  2. Building supplies;
  3. Catering equipment;
  4. Farming and agricultural supplies;
  5. Garden and outdoor equipment;
  6. Hire services;
  7. Industrial supplies.

traffic calming

The use of obstacles, differing surfaces, bends, humps and other such similar devices to moderate the speed of motor vehicles along a public or private road or vehicle/accessway. 

transit storage

Any goods, merchandise or other property whether or not within a container in respect of which Port of Tauranga provides storage for a period of less than 7 days. 

transmission electric line

An electric line that conveys electricity between generating power stations and the point of supply, being either direct to end users or to the distribution system.

transport network

The combined network of roads, pedestrian routes and linkages, air and sea routes that provide for the movement of people and goods to, from and through the City

two-bedroom dwelling

An independent dwelling unit that has not more than three rooms, excluding a kitchen, laundry, bathroom, toilet or any room used solely as an entrance hall, passageway or garage. Two-bedroom dwelling unit also means a dwelling unit in a retirement village that is registered pursuant to section 10 of the Retirement Villages Act 2003 that does not meet the definition in the previous sentence or the definition of a onebedroom dwelling

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