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  5. 4-General Rules
  6. 5-Natural Environment
  7. 6-Natural Features & Landscapes
  8. 7-Heritage
  9. 8-Natural Hazards
  10. 9-Hazardous Substances & Contaminated Land
  11. 10-Network Utilities & Designations
  12. 11-Financial Contributions
  13. 12-Subdivision Services & Infrastructure
    1. 12A-Purpose: Subdivision
    2. 12B-Subdivision in Residential Zones
    3. 12C-Subdivision in the Rural Residential Zone
    4. 12D-Subdivision in the Rural Zones
    5. 12E-Subdivision in Commercial & Industrial Zones
    6. 12F-Subdivision: Marae, Papakainga & Matapihi
    7. 12G-Purpose: Service & Infrastructure
  14. 13-Open Space
  15. 14-Residential Zones
  16. 15-Rural Residential Zone
  17. 16-Rural Zones
  18. 17-Commercial Zones
  19. 18-Industrial Zones
  20. 19-Education Centre Zones
  21. 20-Special Use Zone-Baypark
  22. Part B Maps
Tauranga City Plan

Definitions - U

Updated 2 December 2017

unit of demand

Is for the purpose of Chapter 11 – Financial Contributions and means the number of dwelling units, or dwelling unit equivalents, or an additional allotment of subdivision, or the equivalent demand from non-residential development for infrastructure and reserves proposed in response to city growth.

urban growth area

An area of anticipated subdivision or development identified in the Section 6,Urban Growth Plans (Plan Maps (Part B), or for the purpose of Financial Contributions, a part of the City where residential and/or business growth is expected and in which growth-related local infrastructure projects have been identified. Urban growth areas are identified in the Financial Contribution Urban Growth Areas Diagram 5, Section 5, Plan Maps (Part B)


A traditional graveyard or burial site of tangata whenua. These can include both registered and unregistered burial sites or places where skeletal remains have been laid to rest (such as caves, hollow trees or sand dunes). Associated with death, they are tapu. 

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