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Tauranga City Plan

Definitions - W

Updated 2 November 2020

wairakei town centre zones

Means the Wairakei Town Centre Core Zone and/or the Town Centre Fringe Zone. 


Any walkway, footpath, or pedestrian way along which pedestrians may traverse. 

Proposed Amendment

"waste management area 
Means an area set aside for the purpose of providing storage of rubbish, recycling and food scrap bins". 

Plan Change 26 – No legal effect

waste management facilities

Land and/or buildings associated with the transport, processing and disposal of solid and liquid waste including transfer stations and refuse recycling centres.


Means all foul water emanating from a site, excluding stormwater run-off, but including effluent. 

water supply reservoir

Means a reservoir for water storage intended for bulk community supply. For the purposes of this definition a water supply reservoir does not include individual water tanks which store water for drinking and firefighting purposes. 


Shall have the same meaning as contained in the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA) which means permanently or intermittently wet areas, shallow water, and land water margins that support a natural ecosystem of plants and animals that are adapted to wet conditions. 


The basic unit of Maori social structure. It typically comprises an extended family possibly including greatuncles and great-aunts, once or twice removed. Whanau may not necessarily live together, but nevertheless share mutual interests.

wind energy facility

The land, buildings, substations, turbines, structures, earthworks, access tracks and roads associated with the generation of electricity by wind force and the operation of the wind energy facility.

It does not include:

  1. Small and community-scale distributed renewable electricity generation;
  2. The transmission electric lines required to link the wind energy facility to the electricity network. 

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