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Tauranga City Plan

4D.1  Objectives and Policies for Signs

Updated 9 September 2013

4D.1.1 Objective – Signs

Signs are of a size, design and duration that meet the community’s needs while avoiding adverse effects on landscape character, amenity, heritage values and the safe and efficient functioning of the transport network.

4D.1.1.1 Policy – Sign Location

By ensuring the location, size, design and illumination of a sign is not detrimental to the landscape character and amenity of the zone in which it is located, or any sensitive zone adjacent to or opposite the site.

4D.1.1.2 Policy – Temporary Signs

By providing for the erection of temporary signs and ensuring their number, size, location and duration of display avoids or mitigates adverse effects on traffic safety.

4D.1.1.3 Policy – Signs on Heritage Buildings

By managing the erection of signs on heritage buildings to ensure that the design and location of signs do not adversely affect the heritage values of those buildings.

4D.1.1.4 Policy – Signs and Traffic Safety

By ensuring the location, design and illumination of signs within and adjoining the transport network:

  1. Do not obstruct driver vision or create driver confusion or hazardous situations for users of the road network (particularly the strategic road network);
  2. Do not reduce the visibility or effectiveness of a traffic sign or traffic-control device.

Definitions in this section


landscape character

sensitive zone



strategic road network

transport network

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