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Tauranga City Plan

4F  Purpose of Temporary Activity Provisions

Updated 9 September 2013

Temporary events and uses such as, concerts, parades, festivals, meetings, or exhibitions occur on a regular basis throughout the City. The Plan needs to provide for such activities to recognise their contribution to the community and creating a vibrant city. The temporary nature of such activities generally minimises the adverse effects the event may have on the surrounding environment. Consequently, many events of short duration are tolerated by parts of the community, while other members enjoy what the event has to offer.

To ensure that the number, scale and intensity of temporary events and uses does not increase to a level beyond which the effects of the event are more than of a temporary duration and have more than a minor effect, the following objectives, policies and rules intend to manage the effects of temporary events and uses and their operations.

In addition to community focused events, military training exercises are also provided for within the Plan with a set of clear parameters to ensure any adverse effects arising from military training exercises are avoided, remedied or mitigated.

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