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Tauranga City Plan

6B.2  Activity Status Rules (Notable Trees and Significant Groups of Trees)

Updated 2 December 2017

6B.2.1 Activities Subject to the Notable Trees and Significant Groups of Trees Provisions

All activities subject to the notable tree and significant groups of trees provisions shall have the status identified in Table 6B.1: Activity Status for Activities related to Notable Trees. Symbols used in Table 6B.1: Activity Status for Activities related to Notable Trees have the meaning described in Table 1A.2: Activity Status.

Table 6B.1: Activity Status for Activities related to Notable Trees

Activity Relevant Rule Notable Tree
Minor pruning. - P
Emergency removal. 6B.3 RD
Pruning (not otherwise defined as minor pruning or damage). 6B.3 RD
The following activities located within the drip-line of any notable tree or significant groups of trees:
  1. Earthworks;
  2. The laying or forming of any impervious surface;
  3. Additions to, or the replacement of any existing lawfully established building or structure that is proposed to exceed the envelope or footprint of the existing building(s) or structure(s);
  4. The placement and/or construction of any building or structure;
  5. Directional drilling or boring;
  6. The storage of chemicals or other toxic substances;
  7. Damage to root systems;
  8. Release of toxic substances;
  9. Use of toxic agrichemicals except where being used in conjunction with the management of plant pest species identified by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council
6B.3 RD
The removal, destruction or damaging of any notable tree or tree within a significant group of trees. 6B.4 D

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