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Tauranga City Plan

7A   Purpose of Heritage Provisions

Updated 11 September 2018

Part of the Council's obligations under the Resource Management Act 1991 is to recognise and provide for the protection of historic heritage and the relationship of Maori to areas of cultural significance. The purpose of the heritage provisions is to identify those individual buildings, objects, places and areas that are significant enough to warrant recognition and protection in the public interest. These items are listed in:

  1.  Appendix 7A: Register of Built Heritage (buildings, objects and places);
  2.  Appendix 7B: Register of Significant Maori Areas (areas of significance to Maori);
  3.  Appendix 7C: Register of Heritage Trees;
  4.  Appendix 7D: Register of Significant Archaeological Areas.

In addition to Appendix 7D: Register of Significant Archaeological Areas, and to assist the New Zealand Historic Places Trust fulfill its functions, the Council will have regard to the location of archaeological sites, where they are identified on the Council's GIS database, through the resource consent and building consent processes.

Definitions in this section

archaeological site



historic heritage

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