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Tauranga City Plan

7C.5  Activity Status Rules

Updated 11 September 2018

7C.5.1 Activities Affecting Items on the Register of Protected Features

All activities within a Significant Maori Area identified in Appendix 7B: Register of Significant Maori Areas shall have the status identified in Table 7C.1: Historic and Heritage Activitiy Status - Significant Maori Areas. Symbols used in Table 7C.1: Historic and Heritage Activity Status - Significant Maori Areas have the meaning described in Table 1A.2: Activity Status.

Table 7C.1: Historic and Heritage Activity Status - Significant Maori Areas

Use/Activity Relevant Rule Group 1 SMA Group 2 SMA Te Tumu SMA
Maintenance, repair or replacement (including associated earthworks) of lawfully established activities Rule 7C.6.1 P P P
Minor upgrading (in relation to electric lines) - P P P
New minor structures and activities and associated earthworks - P P P
Pedestrian and cycle tracks including pathways, boardwalks and steps; Rule 7C.7 RD RD RD
Park furniture including bollards, lighting poles, rubbish bins, playgrounds and play equipment, gates, stiles, seating, memorials, picnic tables, barbeques, sculptures, artworks or shade-sails. Rule 7C.7 RD RD RD
New buildings or structures and associated earthworks - D
(Rule 7C.8)

(Rule 7C.7)

(Rule 7C.8)

Activities on multiple-owned Maori Land that include or are associated with:
  1. Urupa;
  2. Marae based activities;
  3. Community gardens;
  4. Primary production activities;
  5. Harvesting of forestry and replanting of existing forestry areas.
- P P P
The following activities on land zoned Rural-Residential, Rural, Future Urban Zone or Greenbelt in existence at notification of the Plan
  1. Harvesting of forestry and replanting of existing forestry areas;
  2. Primary production.
- P P P
Subdivision of a site containing an item on Appendix 7B Register of Significant Maori Areas Refer Chapter 12 - Subdivision
Construction of new network utilities 7C.8 D D D


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