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Tauranga City Plan

7C.7  Restricted Discretionary Activity Rules

Updated 11 September 2018

The following are Restricted Discretionary Activities:

  1. Permitted Activities that do not comply with Rule 7C.6.1 - Lawfully Established Activities;
  2. Any activity identified as a Restricted Discretionary Activity in Table 7C.1: Historic and Heritage Activitiy Status - Significant Maori Areas.

7C.7.1 Non-Notification - Activities Affecting Significant Maori Areas

Any application for a resource consent made under Rule 7C.7 - Restricted Discretionary Activity Rules shall not be publicly notified, or served on affected persons with the exception of any iwi/hapu that is associated with the Significant Maori Area.

7C.7.2 Restricted Discretionary Activities - Standards and Terms

Note: Where an activity does not comply with Rule 7C.7.2 - Restricted Discretionary Activities - Standards and Terms it shall be considered a Discretionary Activity.

The following matters shall be identified in any application for an activity described as a Restricted Discretionary Activity in Rule 7C.7 - Restricted Discretionary Rules:

  1. The extent of earthworks associated with the proposal;
  2. The location, extent and scale of the proposal in relation to any features or values of the Significant Maori Area;
  3. Any mitigation measures to address the effects of the proposal on the values and associations of the Significant Maori Area;

7C.7.3 Restricted Discretionary Activities - Matters of Discretion

The Council restricts the exercise of its discretion to the following matters:

  1. For Group 1 - Significant Maori Areas, the matters referred to in 7C.4.2.1 - Policy - Protection of Group 1 Significant Maori Areas;
  2. For Group 2 - Significant Maori Areas, the matters outlined in 7C.4.3.1 - Policy - Maintenance and Enhancement of Group 2 Significant Maori Areas;
  3. For Te Tumu - Significant Maori Areas the matters outlined in 7C.4.4.1 - Policy - Te Tumu Significant Maori Areas;
  4. The extent of any consultation undertaken with any hapu that has the Significant Maori Area located within its rohe;
  5. The location and design of building platforms, vehicle access and services on the site in relation to the location of the Significant Maori Area;
  6. The extent to which the Significant Maori Area has previously been modified through subdivision, use and development;
  7. Any mitigation that is considered appropriate for the on-going maintenance, conservation and recognition of the Significant Maori Area.

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significant maori area



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