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Tauranga City Plan

7D.3  Restricted Discretionary Activity Rules

Updated 11 September 2018

The following are Restricted Discretionary Activities:

  1. Any activity identified as a Restricted Discretionary Activity in Table 7D.1: Historic and Heritage Activity Status - Heritage Trees.

7D.3.1 Restricted Discretionary Activities - Standards and Terms

Restricted Discretionary Activities shall comply with the following standards and terms:

7D.3.1.1 Heritage Trees

  1. A qualified arborist and/or qualified landscape architect shall prepare an assessment for any application for resource consent in respect of a heritage tree;
  2. The assessment shall have particular regard to the values that make the tree a heritage tree.

7D.3.2 Restricted Discretionary Activities - Matters of Discretion

The Council restricts the exercise of its discretion to the following matters:

7D.3.2.1 Emergency Works to a Heritage Tree

Where there is an existing or imminent threat to life or property, consideration shall be made of:

  1. Whether the heritage tree carries a fatal disease;
  2. The extent and cost of damage (or potential damage) the heritage tree will cause to any existing network utility having particular regard to whether maintenance of the heritage tree will avoid the need for its removal without adversely affecting any recognised factor, value or association, or adversely affecting the surrounding landscape character.

7D.3.2.2 Pruning (not otherwise defined as minor pruning or damage) of any Heritage Tree

Consideration shall be made of whether the proposal would be consistent with the objectives and policies for heritage trees:

  1. The extent to which the proposal will affect the health of the tree;
  2. The extent to which pruning will adversely affect the surrounding landscape character;
  3. The extent to which the pruning will adversely affect any identified factor, value or association.

Definitions in this section



heritage tree

landscape character

network utility

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