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Tauranga City Plan

7E.3  Permitted Activity Rules

Updated 11 September 2018

Note: Where an activity does not comply with a Permitted Activity Rule it shall be considered a Restricted Discretionary Activity unless stated otherwise.

Note: Destruction, damage or modification of any archaeological site, regardless of whether it is listed in the Plan or not, requires an authority from the New Zealand Historic Places Trust under the Historic Places Act 1993.

7E.3.1 Existing Minor Structures and Activities

For maintenance, repair or replacement (including associated earthworks) of existing minor structures and activities within a significant archaeological area identified in Appendix 7D: Register of Significant Archaeological Areas, all work shall be undertaken within the existing in-ground or on-ground dimensions of the structure and any existing areas of cut and fill.

7E.3.2 New Minor Structures and Activities

New minor structures and activities and associated earthworks within a significant archaeological area identified in Appendix 7D: Register of Significant Archaeological Areas shall not be commenced unless:

  1. The written approval of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust has been obtained and is clearly endorsed on all relevant plans.

7E.3.3 Rules in Other Sections of the Plan

Activities within a site containing a significant archaeological area on Appendix 7D: Register of Significant Archaeological Areas or Appendix 7E - Te Tumu Archaeological Management Areas shall also comply with the following sections of the Plan:

  1. The provisions of the underlying zone;
  2. The provisions of Chapter 4 - General Rules Provisions;
  3. The provisions of Chapter 5 - Natural Environment;
  4. The provisions of Chapter 6 - Natural Features and Landscapes;
  5. The provision of Chapter 8 - Natural Hazards;
  6. The provisions of Chapter 9 - Hazardous Substances and Contaminated Land;
  7. The provisions of Chapter 12 - Subdivision, Services and Infrastructure;
  8. The provisions of any Plan Area.

Definitions in this section



minor structures and activities

the plan

plan area

significant archaeological area



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