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Tauranga City Plan

8B.7  Prohibited Activity Rules

Updated 8 March 2017

The following are Prohibited Activities: 

  1. Construction of a new building or structure on an allotment where there is an existing building or structure located within the Coastal Hazard Erosion Plan Area, where the new building is not located clear of an alternative building site required for the existing building;
  2. Additions to, or the replacement of, any lawfully established building or structure within the Current Erosion Risk Zone that proposes to exceed the building envelope or footprint of the existing building or structure:
    1. by increasing the gross floor area (GFA) at ground level by greater than 20m2 (as measured from the floor area existing at 25 June 2005); and/or
    2. by projecting further seaward than the existing external surfaces of the building or structure (as measured from the floor area existing at 25 June 2005);
  3. Any activity that is not listed as a Permitted, Restricted Discretionary or a Non-Complying Activity within the Current Erosion Risk Zone;
  4. Any activity listed as a Prohibited Activity in Table 8B.1– Natural Hazards Activity Status (CHEPA and Coastal Protection Plan Area)

Definitions in this section


alternative building site


coastal hazard erosion plan area


gross floor area

ground level


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