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Tauranga City Plan

8C.3  Restricted Discretionary Activity Rules

Updated 9 September 2013

Any activity listed as Restricted Discretionary in Table 8C.1: Flood Hazard Plan Area is deemed a Restricted Discretionary Activity.

8C.3.1 Non-Notification

Any application for a resource consent made under Rule 8C.3 – Restricted Discretionary Activity Rules shall not be notified, or served on affected persons.

8C.3.2 Restricted Discretionary Activities - Standards and Terms

All activities undertaken within the Flood Hazard Plan Area shall include those matters in accordance with Appendix 8B: Information Requirements (within the Flood Hazard Plan Area)

8C.3.3 Restricted Discretionary Activities - Matters of Discretion

The Council limits the exercise of its discretion to:

  1. The degree to which inundation of buildings or structures or other land can be avoided or mitigated and/or that the ponding ability of the subject property remains protected;
  2. The siting, location and orientation of buildings, building platforms, allotments, roads or other public infrastructure with respect to flood pathways, taking into account the advantage of higher ground;
  3. The siting, location and orientation of buildings, building platforms and allotments to mitigate against potential adverse effects on surrounding properties and land;
  4. The matters to which an engineering assessment is to have regard as set out in the information requirements in Appendix 8B: Information Requirements (within the Flood Hazard Plan Area) for areas potentially subject to flood hazard.

Definitions in this section



building platform


flood hazard plan area



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