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Tauranga City Plan

9A.2  Activity Status Rules: Hazardous Substances

Updated 11 September 2018

9A.2.1 Assessment Procedures

All new or significantly modified hazardous substance facilities (except those exempt under Table 9A.2: Activities Exempt in all Plan Zones from Undertaking an HFSP Assessment to Determine Consent Status, and Rule 9A.3.2: - Activities Exempt from Completing an HFSP Assessment) shall be assessed in accordance with Appendix 9A: Hazardous Facility Screening Procedure (HFSP) of the Plan

Note: Significantly modified hazardous substance facilities are those which are outside the existing use rights provisions of section 10 of the RMA. Any proposed modification of a lawfully established hazardous substance facility (in quantity, type, or use) must be considered against section 10 of the RMA to determine whether a full HFSP assessment is required. 

Table 9A.1: Consent Status Matrix for the City (Effects Ratio) Based on HFSP Results

Zone Permitted Restricted Discretionary Discretionary
Commercial Zones < 0.3 0.3 - 0.5 > 0.5
Industry Zone, Tauriko Industry Zone, Papamoa East Employment Zone  < 1.0 1.0 - 1.5 > 1.5
Port Industry Zone < 1.0 1.0 - 2.0 > 2.0
Residential Zone < 0.05   > 0.05
Rural Residential Zone < 0.05   > 0.05
Greenbelt Zone < 0.2   > 0.2
Rural Zone, Future Urban Zone < 0.2   > 0.2
Open Space Zones < 0.05   > 0.05
Rural Marae Community Zone < 0.05   > 0.05
Education Centre Zones < 0.05   > 0.05


Table 9A.2: Activities Exempt in all Plan Zones from Undertaking an HFSP Assessment to Determine Consent Status

Symbols used in Table 9A.2: Activities Exempt in all Plan Zones from Undertaking an HFSP Assessment to Determine Consent Status have the meaning described in Table 1A.2: Activity Status.

Use/Activity Relevant Rule Activity Status
Domestic-scale use of hazardous substances associated with a permitted residential activity. 9A.3.2.1 P
Facilities and structures for the transmission and distribution of natural gas. 9A.3.2.1 P
Sealed or self-contained electrical equipment.  9A.3.2.1 P
Sealing of vehicle parking, loading, maneuvering, access areas, road carriageways and footpaths. 9A.3.2.1 P
The retail sale and storage of petrol, diesel, and LPG. 9A.3.2.1 P
The storage, use, disposal and transportation of agrichemicals on land used for primary production. 9A.3.2.1 P
The storage, use, transportation or disposal of hazardous substances in the Port Operational Area of the Port Industry Zone.  9A.3.2.2 P

Definitions in this section


commercial zones

hazardous substances

hazardous substance facility

open space zones

the plan

primary production

residential activity



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